Rape Culture Is All Of Our Conversation

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Two women created an insanely important viral video. The Bombaebs video is called Rap Against Rape and it sheds light on crime in India. It's a must watch.

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Why We Need To Discuss Rape Culture

Rape culture isn't a feminist topic or a woman's topic, it's all of our conversation because we're all human beings. Two Mumbai women, Pankhuri Awasthi and Uppekha Jain are now known as The Bombaebs because of their viral video #RapAgainstRape. It's chilling, eye-opening, and ridiculously well done. It's also a must-watch. The more we discuss rape culture, the less pervasive it will become. We need to stand with our sisters in arms and listen when they talk, or in this case when they rap.

—The VProud Team

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Using Social Media For Social Good

On VProud there's an incredible conversation going on stemming from this question: Can a viral video shed light on vicious crimes?

The answer to this is simpler than you'd think: Yes, if used correctly. The Bombaebs have opened the conversation about not just crime in India but about crimes against women. Our job is to listen and to share their message. Change doesn't happen with silence, but it does happen when we give voice to what's important to us.

These two inspiring change-makers have started using the hashtag #UsingArttoMakeaDifference. You can support their work and join in their efforts by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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'Rap Against Rape':
Can BomBaebs' viral video help shed light on vicious crimes in India?

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