Why Getting a Grip on Anxiety is Not Easy

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More people would say I am sad all the time if they felt like they could. Anxiety disorder is common; it's crucial to be able to identify anxiety symptoms.

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What Does Anxiety Look Like

The conversation about mental health is ongoing, necessary, and gaining more traction than ever before. These are all good things. Anxiety disorder is more common than most of us think. So many women suffer from anxiety symptoms--sometimes without even realizing it, much less being able to voice what they're feeling, give it a name, or ask for help. That's why it's so vital for the conversation to be ongoing. On VProud there's an amazing video that answers the question what does anxiety look like. Take a look at the thoughts shared below in response to the striking, eye-opening video, and continue the conversation with those you love.

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what does anxiety look like

I Am Sad All The Time, 

And Other Things So Many Of Us Say In Our Minds

What if it’s a flesh eating virus? What if I fail at life? What if it really is the rapture this time? If you suffer from anxiety, you are NOT alone. 
Women are coming forward to share their personal struggles with anxiety on VProud and Facebook, where they are creating an open dialogue of support and understanding of the crippling effects anxiety can have on our lives. Whether they sweat the small stuff or the big stuff, Card-carrying members of the anxiety group seem to be grappling with three major obstacles: the life-altering symptoms, finding treatments that work, and overcoming the judgment that accompanies mental illness.
Whether the symptoms manifest in seizure-like physical reactions, keep you awake past 4 a.m. with racing thoughts, or have you circling the parking lot of the grocery store, there is no doubt that what VProud users are experiencing is preventing them from living their normal, happy lives.
How people “get a grip” on their anxiety (btw, never tell someone with anxiety to “get a grip”) varies from person to person. VProud users weighed in with a number of treatments, with some suggesting medication, herbal supplements, support systems, or even drawing on personal strength to work past the panic.

Physical and emotional struggles aside, members of the VProud community seemed to concur that one of the most difficult obstacles in overcoming anxiety is the shame, judgement, and misunderstanding of the illness itself.

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Welcome to Anxiety Group:
Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of. Do you go crazy sweating the small (and the big) stuff?

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