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Same sex marriage is legal. The fight for marriage equality had a giant win and we were a part of this history in the making. Love wins, it is so ordered.

same sex marriage is legal


We've literally witnessed history in the making today. President Obama has spoken four beautiful words: It is so ordered. In this case, "it" is marriage equality. Same sex marriage is officially legal in our country. On VProud we're sharing a stunning a video of people reacting to this moment in history. Get ready to cry, it's a total and complete stunner. Love wins, indeed. 

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There Is No More Gay Marriage, 

There's Just Marriage

By Galit Breen for VProud

This morning my kids and I were enjoying a beautiful summer morning. My oldest daughter was slowly waking up—bedhead and bleary eyes in place. My middle two were playing cards while eating breakfast. The sun was shining, the windows were open, and we had nothing else planned besides spending the day changing from pajamas into swimsuits, then back into pajamas. But then, something interesting happened.

My Facebook feed began changing from day-to-day news--someone's baby, someone else's graduation--to one rainbow filtered avatar after another. It was, literally the happiest Facebook day I've ever had.

All around the country--and in other countries--people were celebrating true marriage equality. President Obama made it official: same sex marriage is legal. 

My children were young the first time we ran The Big Gay Race for marriage equality in our home state of Minnesota. My son was little enough for me to carry him the last mile. But they were all old enough to remember that we ran it, and the conversations that we had about it. 

Their lifetime includes a fight for what's right and the national landing on the right side of history. I couldn't possibly be more proud of our country today or the fact that I got to be there with my kids as we all learned that there is no more "gay marriage," there's just "marriage. Love wins, indeed.

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About the author: Galit Breen is the author of Kindness Wins, a simple guide to teaching our kids to be kind online and the head of communications at VProud. She blogs at These Little Waves and tweets at @GalitBreen. You can join her honest conversations on VProud.

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Same-sex marriage is legal!
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same sex marriage is legal

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