Do You Know What's in Your Family's Suncreen?

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Moms are always looking for the best sunscreen for kids and sunscreen brand recommendations for summer skincare. This is the mom-approved edition.

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Summer Skin Care

When the sun comes out, families do, too, which means that moms are always looking for the best sunscreen for kids to use. Summer skin requires our attention, and busy moms wade through a lot of information to find the best sunscreen brands which is so very important, but can be tedious. The good news is something that we learned a long time ago: the best ideas tend to come from the mom—or the mom vlogger—next door. Jeni of Candid Mommy took the time to test a new sunscreen brand so we can all benefit, and so can our summer skin care. She shares her experience in a fabulous new video on VProud and her thoughts below.

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Mom-Approved Sunscreen Brands

By Jeni of Candid Mommy for VProud

It's early, too early. My kids were up the moment the sun hit our tent. While they're busy launching small tractors off of sandy ramps I'm enjoying the warmth from our alarm clock.  As the sun continues to rise and warm, I'll soon need to turn to protection from it. 

Prior to having kids, I was all about the "latest and greatest" in the world of skincare products, sunscreen included. Who doesn't love a clear, spray-on SPF 100, right? After the birth of my first son I began to research any and every thing that would go in or on his body.  This is a journey I have openly shared for the last 6.5 years on my YouTube channel, CandidMommy.

It didn't take long to discover that sunscreen is a hot topic!  I'm not going to turn this post into a bore of incomprehensible chemical explanations, but I will say that it's gnarly! Seriously. Check it out, in fact, check out all of you personal skin care products. 

Thanks to the EWG (Environmental Working Group) you can do it easily, for free here: They'll break it down for you and open your eyes!
One of my personal favorites is from The Honest Company.  I started buying their products a few years ago and now receive their "Bundle" each month. This is the affordable part especially when buying products like laundry soap & sunscreen!  Check out this video comparison I recently created showcasing my current and previous favorite: 

Now that you have completed the above you may be appalled or you may not care. Either way, I hope it has you interested in more natural and affordable alternatives. You will find that some of our favorite retailers (eh hm, Target) have begun carrying various lines that lean a bit more on the natural side of things. This helps! It's a nice place to start all while staying in your comfort zone.  

I could talk forever about this or many other topics, but I do not want to go overboard. I simply want to bring awareness to what is really under the fancy labels. Push the expensive marketing aside and focus on the contents. I hope that I've either helped to do that or at least saved you a bit of money!

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About the author: Jeni is the vlogger behind CandidMommy. Follow her honest conversations on VProud.

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