The Surprising Difference Between Boosting Your Self Esteem And Having It

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Boosting your self esteem is often on our radar so self confidence tips for women are always in high demand. 
The best self esteem tips start right at home.
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Self Esteem Tips For Women Start At Home

Boosting your self esteem is a common want for women. Given how relatable this conversation tends to be, we have to wonder where does the need to improve self esteem stem from. On VProud there's an amazing conversation created by Brandy Crawford about the self esteem tips for women that she learned from her mother. As a woman, I found the self confidence tips that Brandy shared inspiring. And as a mother, even more so. I hope my own girls can say that their best self confidence tips for women came from me as well! Contributing editor Caitlin Kells reflects on Brandy's video and advice and adds her own spin as a millennial. Take a look at what Caitlin has to say and see how her self esteem take-aways fit in with your view of the best ways to boost self esteem, as well as the best ways to have self esteem. There's a distinction here, and an important one at that.

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The Case For Self Love

By Caitlin Kells For VProud

You look in the mirror, you see your reflection, and you just want to give yourself a big fat hug. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Most girls in today’s society don’t have the ability to say that they love who they are. In fact, most girls suffer from serious self confidence and self esteem issues. With the media sexualizing women at every street corner, “being perfect” is an impossible goal to attain and self-confidence tips for women are often hard to apply to every day life when so many things - media, magazines, social media - force you re-evaluate your self-worth. It's simply not realistic. Girls are giving up the dream of loving themselves for who they are and instead commit themselves to constantly buying the coolest news products and clothes in an effort to hopefully boost their appearance. It is time for us to realize that no amount of makeup or expensive designer clothing can match up to the natural beauty we have inside and how magical of an accessory confidence can be.

Confidence comes from within and must be learned. Some women are lucky enough to have high self esteem from a young age. However, there is a question of nature vs. nurture when it comes to how highly someone thinks of themselves. Can you be born with confidence, is it an inherent trait? Or do we learn from the atmosphere around us, are we constantly observing and growing based on the actions of others? There is no way to answer these questions, but no matter what it is, we must know that boosting your self-esteem with positive thinking and outlook will only do good.

The staff at the Mayo Clinic reports that some of the factors that influence self esteem are things like, culture and religion, media messages, how people react to you among others. Women focus particularly on how they are being judged and perpetually comparing themselves to their friends and even complete strangers. They listen to what critics say and take their negative remarks to heart, tearing themselves down a little at a time. Women must ban together and boost each others confidence because women as a race are beautiful. There is no ranking system and one woman is not better than the next. If you are a woman you are perfect just the way you are.

Self-esteem tips for women seem hard to come by, but it’s not rocket science. In order to gain confidence we think there must be some sneaky trick or long process, but in all honesty it is right in front of our noses. Think positive thoughts, cherish every inch of your body, compliment others and do not, under any circumstance, shame yourself or those around you. Always remember, woman is beauty.

About the author: Caitlin Kells is a Contributing Editor at VProud. Join Caitlin's honest conversations at

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