The Best Yoga Positions For Women To Improve Posture

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Different types of yoga positions yield varying benefits. Yogi Talia Sutra shares the best yoga positions for women for ultimate yoga posture power.

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Types Of Yoga Positions That Are Good For Women

Yoga has been a favorite sport for women for quite awhile now. Boasting benefits including flexibility, muscle strength, toning, and protection from injury, it's no wonder why. As women delve into their yoga practice, they quickly learn that different types of yoga positions work and benefit different parts of their bodies. A little known fact is that there's mega yoga posture power to yoga which is uber good for all of us. Yoga guru Talia Sutra has an amazing video on VProud explaining the best yoga positions for women that are good for posture. Millennial and contributing editor Claire HarnEnz reflects on Talia's yoga lessons as well shares her own thoughts on the benefits of yoga. See what Talia and Claire have to say about yoga and if they inspire you to take to your own mat and yoga practice.

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Yoga Posture Power

By Claire HarnEnz for VProud

How are you sitting right now? Are you sitting up tall or slouched over the keyboard? I'm slouched, with my left side considerably lower for some unknown reason. Thankfully, just doing a few yoga poses a day can improve my posture and Talia Sutra has some great ones. In addition to decreasing back and neck pain, stretching out your body has many other positive side effects. One of the largest is improving posture, which, conscious of it or not, will have a  significant impact on your overall health, career, and relationships.

Harvard Psychologist, Amy Cuddy, proved that not only can posture show others that we are powerful but it can also make us feel more powerful. Holding a powerful pose, like the one that makes you look like Super Man, sparks a positive chemical change that mimics the sensation of empowerment. It's like how forcing a smile can actually result in genuine happiness or fake crying can actually cause sadness. In a world where there are only 25 Fortune 500 companies run by women and the average woman only makes 78 cents to every dollar a man makes, women need to feel and look as powerful as possible and yoga could be the answer. 

Men are taught from a young age to be appear big. They're encouraged to stand tall and broad, taking up as much space as they wish without worry. In contrast, women often feel pressured to make themselves as small as possible for other people's benefit. This approach to posture is seen in the subway, on the sidewalks and - most regrettably - in boardrooms. It's time that we women take advantage of the benefits that come from standing tall.

While simply holding a Superman pose a few times a day, before a big meeting or in an important conversation, can improve posture and confidence in that moment, good posture needs to become a habit. Many types of yoga positions can help. You don’t even need to go to a yoga class, you can do a simple sequence of yoga positions in the office, before dinner or after waking up in the morning.

Practicing yoga regularly will also decrease the amount of a harmful stress hormone called cortisol. According to Christopher Bergland in Psychology Today, cortisol can be harmful in high levels as it interferes with memory, the immune system, weight gain, and blood pressure. Furthermore, Amy Cuddy proved that effective leaders have low levels of cortisol and higher levels of testosterone.

Written by Claire HarnEnz, Contributing Editor for VProud. Join Claire's honest conversations on VProud.

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Yoga with Talia Sutra the Power of Posture
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