Should I Circumcise My Baby

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Circumcision benefits used to be assumed, but in recent years more parents have been asking should I circumcise my baby or should I leave my baby intact.

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Circumcision-ists Versus Intactivists

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, the tissue covering the head of the penis, that has been traditionally done automatically and shortly after a baby boy's birth. Today, many parents have their sons circumcised for religious or other reasons and many absolutely do not. Intactivists are against all infant circumcision and are for genital integrity for all sexes. Should I circumcise my baby has become the new mommy wars topic and heated parenting debate. On VProud doula and mother, Rachel Figueroa explains circumcision benefits and below VProud intern and millennial Caitlin Kells reflects on the circumcising penis debate and distills the information down to its key points. Caitlin makes an amazing observation that couples should discuss their views on circumcision well before their baby is born. This is one of those topics that we absolutely cannot assume that we know what others are thinking about. Take a look at what Caitlin has to say about the circumcision debate.

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Should I Circumcise My Baby

By Caitlin Kells for VProud

Circumcision in the United States is something that is getting less and less popular. I bet if you asked 10 people on the streets if they knew what circumcision is, a handful of them wouldn't be able to give you the right answer. It’s not that there is anything wrong with circumcising your child, in fact, there are many benefits that come with deciding to circumcise your child. The problem simply is that people aren’t aware of these benefits. Knowledge is key, people. Since this subject is somewhat controversial, it is important to remember that every parent’s decision is their own, whether it be for personal, medical, religious or any other reason. There is no right or wrong answer in the battle of the circumcision decision.

As VProud's resident Doula, Rachel Figueroa, explains to us that circumcision benefits are mainly about the child’s health. Keeping that area clean is crucial to a boy’s (and eventual man’s) health. When circumcising a penis, the foreskin is removed, allowing the cleaning process to be a lot more simple. Little boys usually don’t understand what careful care their undercarriage requires, so removing the foreskin only decreases the chances of contracting infections.
Of course there are risks to every procedure and they are something that every parent should make themselves aware of in order to make the most informed decision possible. As Kids In The House reports for the Huffington Post, the most common risk to this procedure is some bleeding or inflammation. It is not often that more serious complications come along when the procedure is performed correctly. There is no evidence that this will later affect your child’s sexual experience. This is a common misconception of circumcising babies.
Many doctors do agree that the best time to circumcise is within the first few days of a baby’s life since it will only require a local anesthesia rather than going under. There are so many factors to consider when contemplating circumcision. Some couples may think it is a no brainer and others may grapple with the topic for weeks. That is why making the decision to circumcise your baby can be a stressful one and, of course, as responsible parents, you want to know every last possibility. These topics should be discussed by you and your partner well before the baby is born, so that you have enough time to come to an agreement and leave labor as stress-free as humanly possible for you and your baby.

About the author: Caitlin Kells is a VProud intern. 
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