Why Some Moms Always Have The Best Healthy School Lunches Ideas

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Tips for making school lunches are always in demand 
because a variety of delicious and healthy school lunches strategies can be challenging to come up with.

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Parents of school-aged children commiserate over many things. Play dates, carpools, and homework land in the top ten list. But nothing inspires a heated conversation like the dreaded task of coming up with healthy school lunch ideas. Between picky eaters, allergies, school rules, and plain old boredom, it's hard to upkeep a fresh set of ideas. VProud intern Claire HarnEnz reflects on what cooking coach Alma Schneider shares are school lunch strategies that work to meet the ultimate goal: having a healthy and happy process—and family. 

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The Struggle Is Real

Do you struggle every morning with the dreaded lunchbox? Does your child come home unhappy and hungry with an untouched lunch? Whether you're packing them or eating them, it's hard to be on the successful end of a school lunch. They're time-consuming to make and are often under-appreciated by kids. One more uneaten turkey sandwich at the end of the day might make both of you throw in the towel and turn to a less healthy choice. 

Healthy School Lunch Strategies That Work

Alma suggests getting your kids involved in the packing. Most kids, even the younger ones, are capable and willing to help you out. This can span from getting their input at the grocery store to having them pack it entirely by themselves, with a quick look over before heading out. They will feel more invested in their lunch if they are excited about what is in it and if they know how much work was put into making it.

This might mean purchasing new and exciting foods, possibly something exotic or something as bland but child friendly. Your kids won’t be eating food that you would like. For example, your son or daughter may choose white bread because it just tastes better to them. In the battle for a successful school lunch, it might be okay to lose some ground in order to get them to eat and enjoy the food. Some white bread on their sandwich might actually be good for the both of you.

Alma’s other healthy school lunch idea is investing in a bento box or a different, fun presentation of the food. Providing a lunch box that your child can show off in the lunch room will make him more excited to eat from it. It will also make it less likely that he will lose or forget his lunch at home. Packing a lunch is a daily chore for the entire school year so giving these tips a try to improve the process just may make life a easier.

About the author: Claire HarnEnz is a VProud intern.

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