How To Find Your Career Passion And Still Make Money

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When how to find your career passion flips to how to fund it, you make your own path to finding passion and career collide.
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Love What You Do, Do What You Love

Love what you do, do what you love” is a prospect that seems impossible at times but is a goal so many of us strive for. Millennial, and VProud intern, Claire HarnEnz reflects on the inspiring secrets Jiliane from the alterantive rock band Nest+Rest shares for turning passion into profession. Jillian has found a unique way and purposeful way to make her life happen for her that Claire found especially inspiring. Jiliane performs in the group while working a more traditional job to fund her passion. By doing this, she removes the stress that inherently comes from financially depending on her craft while still making awesome music. Jiliane has found a balance between her passion and career that works for her. Take a look and see how Claire and Jiliane may inspire you to never quit your daydream.

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Living Your Best Life

I think that it goes without disagreement that doing something you love everyday is essential to a healthy, happy life. With many Americans spending one third of their lives at work, it's important that some enjoyment is gained from it. If you can find a job that you love and that pays well, that is amazing! You have found your career passion. However, many people don’t have the privilege or ability to be able to do what they love. Bills have to be paid, groceries have to be bought and homes have to be financed. I would love to be able to make my living as a sculptor but no matter how hard I work, I don't think I'll be able to sell enough art to live a comfortable life. The term “starving artist” seems much less appealing once actually faced with starvation.

Change The Narrative

This is why Jiliane presents such a great model. By following her passion without turning it into profession, her general happiness improves while her quality of life is not affected. She can work during the day, while spending her spare time making music. This has the added benefits of connecting her with the community and larger world, spreading positive messages, and hanging out with friends. Also, studies have shown that continuing with these passions after retirement has been connected to living a longer, more active life.

My takeaways are this: By following her model, you can get the satisfaction from cooking, painting, or singing, all while avoiding the stress and pressure that comes from depending on it for your livelihood. The trick is finding a job that provides enough free time to do this. It's impossible to do any hobby while working 50 hours a week or commuting for three hours a day. Doing these things is okay, just make sure that you love your job enough to completely sacrifice your passions.

About the author:  Claire HarnEnz is a VProud intern.

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