Meet The Team Monday: Shilpa Raut

6:06 AM

shilpa raut vproud

Ship Raut is the Project Manager at VProud in the IT department, handling all things development and SEO. She earned her masters at California State University, and has been working as a web application and mobile app creator for the last five years. She runs her own consulting agency, Design Spectra, working specifically with startup companies and she is one of the initial teammates at VProud.

Shilpa was born and raised in the amazing city of Mumbai, India. She carries india in her heart and new project ideas in her brain at all times. She runs on music and is connected to the Internet 24/7. She can also talk till she drops. You can find her snapping photos in NYC on hot afternoons.  She believes faith and love changes life. She's a Mumbai girl who wants to make her name in world.

Join Shilpa in the most honest conversation you'll ever have on VProud.

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