There's A Connection Between Support And Friendship

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Many people say I hate direct sales. But for the women who are trying to make a living from home, the message they may hear is my friends don't support me.

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How To Be A Good Friend To WAHM

In recent years, many women have taken the work-life balancing act into their own hands and have found innovative and creative ways to work from home. They're raising children, playing with toddlers, driving carpools, and bringing in much-needed income for their families. One of the biggest issues that women run into isn't exhaustion or time management or burnout, although these do happen. The biggest issue is feeling like their work isn't being supported by their friends. At VProud there's a really transparent and interesting conversation happening about this very topic—how to be a good friend and support your friends in their work, and, honestly, how not to be. Work from home business owner, mother, and writer Greta Funk reflects on the video and topic and reveals how it feels to be on the receiving end of this kind of lack of support. Take a look at Greta's words and see if they match your perception of women who work from home as well as the connection between support and friendship.

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What Your Love Hate Relationship 

With Direct Sales Feels Like To Me

By Greta Funk for VProud

The thing about direct sales is that people love to hate it, or hate to love it. They think it’s a scam, or a godsend. There are basically two camps that people fall into, and sometimes, you don’t know which one your friends or family belong to until you’re knee deep in it.

I've worked with three different direct sales or network marketing businesses since my oldest child was born and I quit my full time job to stay home with him. I’ve also had three more children since then. It hasn’t ever been easy, but it has often been worth it.

I’ve been blessed with some extraordinarily supportive people in my life, and I’ve also encountered some that make every excuse not to support me. It’s impossible to tell sometimes, though, whether the people in the latter group think I’m making a mistake by “trying to make a living off of selling crap to my friends and family,” or just have a distaste for direct sales in general.

In most cases, the people who don’t support me do so quietly. They won’t tell me why they can’t show up at my house when I’m promising a fun night away without kids and husbands, they just don’t come. They don’t respond to a message or an event invite when all I’m asking is thirty minutes of low-stress participation online after the kids go to bed. It’s really difficult to continue a normal relationship with someone that ignores a large part of your life in that way.

I do get it, though. I know that a lot people get invitations every single day from people trying to sell them something, and dollars and loyalties are stretched thin. I know that you can’t possibly support every single person that asks. I just wish that the people I care about, the people that I need to support me, can find some way (monetarily or not) to support the business that sometimes literally pays the bills. I try to give my friends and family the benefit of the doubt when I get an invitation, and just hope that they’ll do me the same courtesy.

It’s a delicate balance, trying to make a living from home, doing something that’s not exactly universally regarded as positive while not taking for granted what you’re asking of the people in your life. It can be awkward to decline an invitation to come to a person’s house or online event, look at a catalog or just share what she’s doing to help her expand her network, but I truly think that telling someone why you can’t support them (whether it’s personal or not) is so much more respectful than hoping they don’t notice when you don’t.

About the author: Greta Funk is a full time wife and mom of four and part time maker of money. She writes occasionally at her blogs and, when she's not packing lunches or selling lunch boxes. You join Greta's honest conversations on VProud.

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