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What to wear for back to school is a common question that moms think about for kids and themselves. Mom fashion tips include simplicity, ease, and style.

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Back to school fashion tips are absolutely not just for kids. Moms think about what they'll wear to the first day of school, to volunteer at school, and on field trips. And it all starts with meet the teacher night. On VProud there's a great video discussing this very topic. Stylist Alisa Neely gives solid, down-to-earth fashion advice that boils down to these three things: know yourself, know your body, and know your audience. Seattle lifestyle writer and editor and mother of three Katie Kavulla reflects on the video and adds her two cents to the what to wear to back to school night question, with her own twist. We're smitten with the fact that both of these fashionistas focus on one thing: your fashion choices and signature style should reflect exactly who you are. Take a look at what Katie has to say about making the most—and the best—of mom fashion and see if her thoughts reflect yours or if they inspire you to revamp your back to school style.

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"What Should I Wear To Back To School Night?" Asked By Every Mom, Everywhere

By Katie Kavulla for VProud

I speak from experience in saying that dressing like yourself is the best way to make that first impression. My best advice for dressing to meet your child's teacher for the first time is to dress exactly the way you will dress when you're in parent-mode. 

Think of meeting your child's teacher like a job interview—you wouldn't wear your beloved designer blazer and sky-high heels to interview to work at the zoo ... and the same theory goes for meeting your teacher. 

If you're the mom who your child's teacher can call on to volunteer on an all-day field trip to the local pumpkin patch, dress like it. If you're the mom who is squeezing in some time in the classroom on your lunch break at work, rock your work clothes to meet their teacher.

While you might want to bump up your style a bit—maybe throw on your best yoga pants for that initial meeting if you're an active mom—dressing up or dressing out of your comfort zone will only give your child's teacher an untrue impression of who you are as a mom. 

Remember that the time you'll likely have to meet your teacher during those first few weeks of school is often fast and fleeting—a couple of minutes to chat about your child or to ask a quick question about the daily classroom routine. And, in reality, the focus will hardly be on what you're wearing. 

Dress in a way that makes you feel confident, whether that's in your favorite jeans or a brand-new dress that you bought just for this meeting, and the rest will fall into place.

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About the author: Katie Kavulla is a lifestyle writer and editor who lives in the Seattle area with her three kids. You can find her working from her local coffee shop ... or wherever you can find caffeine. Follow Katie on Instagram and join her fabulous community This Is My Fave, where a new themed fave is sent to you each month by a new friend. Join Katie's honest conversations on VProud.

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