Meet The Team Monday: Stacy Solis

7:06 AM

stacy solis vproud

Stacy Solis is a conversation creator at VProud. She is a freelance editor, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and writer born and raised in Southern California. 

Whenever she's not avidly creating content to be a positive influence in the LGBTQ+ community across the Internet and YouTube, you'll find her consuming her spare time doing freelance editing. 

She loves to write from the heart, whether that'd be poems, quotes, songs, music, shorts, skits, advice, or film projects. Her passion derives from being that voice to those who may not have the strength to stand up for themselves when tackling issues such as self-love, acceptance, LGBTQ+ issues, etc. 

She's created a project to try and help anyone struggling to accept themselves as who they truly are called The Simply Human Project which offers merch/wristbands with positive affirmations engraved on them such as; I Am Who I Am, Love Me For Me, & Simply Human. 

Putting out content three times a week on her YouTube channel, ThisHeartonaString, you can see what she's up to through her weekly vlogs, entertain yourself watching her rambling in videos or find out how to handle that tough heartbreak situation you may be going through.

Join Stacy's honest conversations on VProud.

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