The Answer To Why Is My Dog Misbehaving So Much May Surprise You

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Dog owners often ask why is my dog misbehaving. Expert dog trainers will tell you that the answer to getting your pet to behave is training and attention.

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A Little (Dog) Perspective

The absolute joy of having a pet is endless. The cuddles, the loyalty, the silliness. But sometimes, having pets is hard. Dogs have accidents, scratch furniture, and nip at children leaving their humans helplessly wondering why is my dog misbehaving so much. While the benefits of having a pet far outweigh the downfalls, stepping into yet another accident on the floor can be ... challenging for even the most patient and loving dog owner. On VProud there's a tongue-in-cheek dogs misbehaving video. Brooklyn, NY dog trainer Kizz Robinson responds to the video with both dog humor and a little perspective, dog perspective that is. Take a look at Kizz's humorous response to "My Dog Is An Ass Hole." Her version is called, "My Human Is An Ass Hole." And taken for what it's worth, it's both funny and a perfect reminder that there are always two sides to everything--even 276 accidents on the kitchen floor.

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My Human Is An Asshole 

By Eddie Robinson, a Terrier Mix as told to 

Kizz Robinson for VProud

Don’t get me wrong, I love humans. You know me, I have never met a lap I didn’t want to sit on or a nap I didn’t want to join so I love humans for real. Nobody loves humans like I do, but seriously, this woman has broken me. Total asshole.

When the phone rings? She just picks it up and starts talking. She doesn’t wait to make sure that the cats have been herded into the bedroom. She doesn’t keep a watch on the door in case someone comes in while she’s distracted. She just starts talking and then she tells me to shut up. She tells me to shut up? What kind of show is she running? It’s like she doesn’t even care.

Speaking of not caring you should take a walk down the street with this chick. No, I wouldn’t wish that on you. We live in Brooklyn so, you know, there’s a lot of shit to keep track of. Everywhere I turn there’s a guy sweeping up garbage or a woman riding a bicycle toward us or some fucking kid whizzing by on a skateboard. I’m not a monster and, like I said, I love humans so I warn her about this stuff. At the top of my lungs I’m screaming to save her miserable, boring little life, and what does she do? She tells me it doesn’t matter. She doesn’t even look at the broom or the bike or the skateboard, she just tells me there’s nothing to worry about and that I should pipe down.

I’ve devoted 5 years to training her at this point and I’m losing hope. She’s stubborn, she never listens, and she keeps putting this ridiculous harness on me. I think she hates me.

It’s a good thing she’s cute.

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Kizz Robinson is a dog trainer based in Brooklyn, NY. She wants to assure you that this is a humorous response to the My Dog Is An Asshole video and should not be interpreted as training advice. Her company, 2B Dog Training, is devoted to teaching animal lovers to understand what their dog’s behavior means and how to take responsibility for integrating their dog into the weird human world. Join Kizz's honest conversations on VProud.

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