Top Lies Women Tell And Why They Tell Them

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Common lies women tell are hard to weed through because women lie a lot. But the reason behind why women tell lies may surprise you.

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This Woman Lies. And That One Does, Too. 

Here's Why. 

While most of us consider ourselves to be honest and claim honesty as a prized trait we admire and hold ourselves and others accountable to, it turns out that we women lie, and we lie a lot. On VProud there's an absolutely perfect video sharing the top ten lies women tell. If you're anything like we are, you'll swap laughs for cringes while watching the video because it's so spot on; it hits ridiculously close to home. Freelance writer and mother of two Andrea Mowery reflects on the video with more than an ounce of humor, but also with a layer beneath the surface look at why women lie. Take a look at what Andrea has to say about common lies women tell and see if you—honestly—agree with her analysis.

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I'm Not Fine: Putting An End To The Lies

By Andrea Mowery for VProud

It can be difficult not to be a stone cold liar.  I know; I am one of them.

The short story is that I am a woman, and that sort of automatically qualifies me for liar status.  The long story is that lying comes naturally to those of us who just want to fit in and be accepted.  It’s how women are trained – to please people, enter the fold, be a part of the crowd.

It happens over time, almost naturally.

It starts as “No, thank you” as kids when a pal’s mom asks if we want seconds on birthday cake, even if all we can think about is the corner piece with the extra icing flowers.  It continues into adulthood when our book club hostess asks if we would like another glass of wine.

“No, half a glass is plenty for me,” we purr, not wanting to appear greedy or a burgeoning alcoholic.  YES! we scream inside.  It’s Girl’s Night Out!  Let’s do it up, ladies!  Instead, we claim exhaustion, leave early, and call our husbands from the car to have a bottle of cabernet waiting when we get home.

Lying to each other about who we really are and what we really want is not a show of good manners; it’s more a result of subversive conformity training that ends in isolation.  Why do we think that appearing uncomplicated and low maintenance is more important than asserting ourselves?  Do we believe that by squashing our individuality, we become more attractive overall?  Are we still holding onto outdated cultural ideals that demanded women act like perfect creatures, never rocking the boat and always doing everything as expected?

That’s too much pressure.  I’d like to be through with lying.  I’m going to be a woman who speaks the truth.  Maybe even audaciously.  And if I catch a fellow female in a similar lie, I will try my hardest to unravel it.  Watch out, ladies.  I’m listening.

“I’m going to the gym tomorrow,” you lie, trying out a lame justification for nibbling at a bite of cheesecake.  You feel guilty for indulging.  But we all do it – why make excuses?  “I’m not,” I will reply, cramming a forkful of dessert into my maw.  “Tomorrow’s Sunday, and besides, I quit the gym.  Do you really go to the gym on Sundays?  Wow, this cheesecake is delicious.  Here, have more.”

Sit next to me, and I’ll tell you I’m not fine.  I’m mad, depressed, disgusted, and frustrated. 

I’ll confide that his mother drives me nuts, and it’s because she's rich and thin. 

I might not be wearing any makeup, but I have a hundred bucks’ worth of anti-aging creams and potions on my face right now.  Can you see my pores?

Thongs are torture – I haven't worn one in ages.  So you can see the outline of my underwear through my pants – oh well.  Hey world!  I’m wearing underwear!

It takes me 45 minutes – not ten – to get ready on a good day. 

I quit the gym because I hate to exercise.  

I bought all new jeans this year at full price because I had to – the ones that fit me last year are too small.  They are too small because I QUIT THE GYM.

It will be freeing, banishing the lies.  This new freedom will bring us together more than lies ever could.

Laying the truth all out there without fear draws us closer, allows us to relate, gives us a feeling of belonging.  We all know that we make and keep friends when we tell the truth, and we alienate people when we don’t.  Lying only serves to hurt ourselves in the long run.  We are all imperfect – why pretend otherwise?  We say things like “these pants must have shrunk in the wash,” but the truth is we probably eat too much cheesecake. 

Speaking of cheesecake, how about I make one – do you want to come over and share it with me?  We’ll eat and talk about who we really are.  Maybe we’ll even become friends.

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Andrea Mowery is a former market researcher turned wife and stay-at-home mother of two. Not one to shy away from admitting her mistakes, Andrea writes at About 100%, a blog about life and parenting generously sprinkled with self-deprecating humor, common sense attitudes, and heart. She can also be found at The Huffington Post, Bonbon Break, BlogHer, Mamalode, The Mid, and in Precipice III, the literary anthology of Write on Edge.  Find her on her blog and on Twitter. Join Andrea's honest conversations on VProud.

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