Controlling Your Leaking

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Is it normal to leak when you laugh or sneeze is a common question because so many women pee a little when they laugh or sneeze. This absolutely fixable.

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What Every Woman Ought To Know About Her Pelvis

Are you leaking when you laugh or sneeze? Is sex more painful than it used to be? Do you wonder if you’re doing your kegels right? Do any of these sound like the running commentary in your mind? They're all symptomatic of a need to get in touch with your pelvic floor. If this is not a phrase you're familiar with, we can help. We invited mother and writer Denise LaRosa to take HelloFlo and VProud's Master Class Controlling Your Leaking and reflect on her own experiences with learning how to take control of her body and her health. Controlling Your Leaking is taught by founder of the Women’s Health Foundation, Missy Lavender, and international instructor and speaker, Sandra Hilton. In the class, Missy and Sandra teach everything you need to know about the Pelvic Pyramid from anatomy to exercises to what to do when faced with common pelvic dysfunctions. The class focuses on regaining pelvic control and strengthening core muscles. Below, Denise reflects on her own incredibly personal process of losing touch with her body post-baby, and learning how to regain control of her body, her health, and yes, her leakage. Denise's message is a powerful one and not one that should be taken lightly—women absolutely have to understand how their body works and how to take care of it. Take a look at Denise's story and see if you can relate to it. We definitely could.

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Gaining Control Of Your Body—All Of It

By Denise LaRosa for VProud

Having a baby changes everything, especially when it comes to your body. I remember looking in the mirror before our little one even arrived. The stretch marks, the aches the pains invisible to the eyes, the swollen ankles, and the nausea had me at a loss. I glanced over at my husband and said, “I don’t even know my body anymore.”

Perhaps I was just an over tired and over emotional pregnant woman in that moment. But deep down in my heart I realized that I wasn’t the only woman who struggled with body issues and changes that come with being pregnant and giving birth.

One of the most awkward changes a woman experiences is leakage, and I’m not talking about the breast in this case. Admit it. Once you’ve had a baby, laughing, sneezing and jogging can bring about a surprise flow of bodily fluid.

I gave birth to both of my girls via c-sections, and was still shocked to experience leaking issues. During my pregnancy, I constantly experienced the urge to pee like most women do. But I wondered, worried, if I would need to learn to cope with this for the rest of my life.

Let’s face it. We hear so many women talking about how normal it is for you to “lose control” after having a baby. In fact, women speak of this challenge as if it is a rite of passage. Throughout my pregnancy and even afterwards, so many women would say things like, “Oh you just wait, honey. Once you have a baby, you can’t even laugh anymore without peeing yourself!” While I would chuckle alongside these women, I found it very troubling to learn that so many women believe that lack of bladder control is normal and a sign of womanhood. I definitely wasn't chuckling on the inside!

But before I knew it, I was joining my fellow moms in the, “You can’t even laugh anymore” saying category. I started sharing similar tales of laughing and squirting, all with a smile on my face. But what I know now is that while leaking issues may be common, they're not normal. It's so important for women to embrace the fact that we don’t have to accept anything less than optimal health. We have to educate ourselves on our bodies and how to keep them strong and, in this case, squirt-free.

So now I'm that friend who has so much information about your pelvic floor to share with you, and I think that we all need a friend like that.

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About the author: Denise is a wife and mother of two precious girls. Being a mother has led her to becoming the founder and CEO of Mom Talk with Denise LaRosa, LLC, a multimedia platform designed to motivate, inspire, and inform mothers. Denise utilizes her parenting experiences and background as an elementary educator with a Masters degree in education to bring mothers invaluable resources and information on parenting. Check out Denise's top iTunes podcast and blog at www.momtalkdenise.comJoin Denise on the Controlling Your Leaking discussion on VProud.

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