I Am So Scared Of Labor And Delivery And Other Things All New Moms Say

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I am so scared of labor and delivery is an incredibly common feeling so what pregnant moms need to know is what really happens in a delivery room.

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Common Pregnancy Fears

Finding out that you're pregnant is equal parts joyful and terrifying. Before you ever get to sleepless nights and a million diaper changes per day, you need to get through labor and delivery. One thing's for sure: I am so scared of labor and delivery is something all new moms feel. On VProud there's a fabulous video about common pregnancy fears that's so ridiculously relatable to anyone who has ever been pregnant or considered having a baby. Most of our first thoughts revolve around that delivery room and delivery table; we want to know exactly what happens in there and if everything other moms tell us could possibly be true. Like the whole pooping on the delivery table thing. Gulp. That has to be an old wives tale, right?! Millennial and soon-to-be first time mom, Lauren Jakubowski reflects on this video and topic just a few months before her first baby girl is born. Take a look at Lauren's pregnancy fears and see if they remind you of your own anxiety about labor. If you've been-there-done-that, we bet you'll find her new mom thoughts match many of your own and will bring you right back to that sweetly scary pre-baby time. And if you're right where Lauren is right now, see if your pre-baby fears match Lauren's and what you would add to her labor fears list.

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Rips, Pains, Tears, And Poops, Oh My!

By Lauren Jakubowski for VProud

One positive pregnancy test, those two sacred pink lines. That’s all it takes for a soon to be mom to over analyze every move she makes from that heart pounding moment, to the moment she delivers that perfect bundle of joy. All of the fears during the first twelve weeks, for me at least, didn’t suddenly vanish at week thirteen. There are still plenty of things that scare me into a few less hours of sleep at night. 

There are a few things I’m afraid of during the delivery of our first baby girl. I’ll be in the care of highly qualified doctors and nurses, following their reputable advise and wisdom.  I’ve got this, right?

One of my favorite questions I get from clients on a weekly basis is, “What’s your birth plan?” Being a type A personality, I would love a birth plan. Any plan, really, is a good one.  The funny thing is, I don’t have a birth plan. That is the one thing I don’t have “planned” out. 

How about get this baby out safe and sound?! An epidural would be an added bonus that I will happily accept. And if we could skip that whole tearing thing, that would be great. A nice, clean exit would be ideal. 

That includes not pooping on my newborn as she enters this big, beautiful world. Not pooping at all is a goal of mine, but you can’t win ‘em all. Just the idea of knowing I could poop during delivery is enough to make me skip the corn a good month before I’m due. And to think, there could be scent attached to this horrible scene that my husband gets to witness from an uncomfortably close distance. 

But with that oh-so-heavenly epidural, all of those rips, tears, pains and poops will hopefully be unnoticed and a mere memory of the past. And if not, holding that precious baby girl will make it all worth it.

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Lauren Jakubowski has been a designer at Cole's Salon in Eagan, Minnesota for 10 years, married for 3.5 years, and is pregnant with her first baby girl who is due in January. Join Lauren's honest conversations on VProud.

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Driven to Drink: Are you afraid of pooping on your baby during your labor and delivery?

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