Meet The Team Monday: Asha Dahya

6:34 AM

asha dahya vproud

Asha Dahya is a conversation creator at VProud. She is a host, blogger, and content creator who was born in England, raised in Australia, is Indian by ethnicity and lives in Los Angeles. 

Asha considers herself a true millennial woman. She has worked in online and broadcast media for nearly 12 years in both Australia and in Los Angeles. She has hosted and produced shows for networks such as the CW, Fox, MTV, Disney, Nickelodeon, TV Guide, MSN, MySpace, ABC, Bitesize TV and more. 

Aside from her TV and online media career, she is also the creator and editor-in-chief of daily women's media blog whose values are inspiration, intelligence, and information with heart. 

Asha's passion is to empower this generation of women to know their true value and she believes that the media is a powerful way to communicate this. Unfortunately we live in a world where negative and bitchy content gets a lot of hits, but she wants to be part of a movement that says women are more powerful when we stand together.

Join Asha's honest conversations on VProud.

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