Meet The Team Monday: Jodi Brooks

6:27 AM

jodi brooks vproud

Jodi Brooks is a conversation creator at VProud. She is a New York City metropolitan area mother, wife, daughter, and sister. She has been teaching yoga in a variety of settings since 2000.

She found a kindred spirit in Guru Baba Ram Dass at a young age and has been guided by his teachings as a form of therapy. Her passion is made manifest by teaching vital stress reduction techniques with yoga, breath energy, and mediation. She works with schools and local hospice centers, gently forcing the mind beyond itself.

Jodi has been cosmically captivated by death and loss since her father passed away in 1980. She was just eleven years old.

Her goals include: finding acceptance in embracing inevitable sorrows, if only for a moment.  Giving thanks to the bizarre. Celebrating the strange. And learning patience whether she likes it or not. True to her Virgo nature, her home is filled with beauty and music.

Join Jodi's honest conversations on VProud.

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