10 Reasons To Fall Madly In Love With Cyber Monday Shopping

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People either love Cyber Monday shopping or they hate it — a lot. There are many benefits to getting ahead on shopping and to finding great holiday deals.

cyber monday shopping

Black Friday Vs Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday shopping is more polarizing than you might think. People either love it — the finds, the deals, the getting ahead on shopping — or they hate it — a lot. On VProud there is a great video about Black Friday versus Cyber Monday breaking down the benefits and detriments of both. We are fully embracing the concept of Cyber Monday this year — all of our Master Classes are 50% off until midnight — because there is nothing like the gift of women taking care of themselves and of each other. Besides Master Classes, here are nine more reasons to love Cyber Monday.

—The VProud Team

cyber monday deals

Besides 50% Off Of Master Classes, Here 9 More Reasons To Fall Madly In Love With Cyber Monday Shopping

1. Shopping in pajamas.

2. Shopping, coffee in hand, with free refills.

3. All of the tabs are quicker to flip between than all of the stores.

4. Deals in your Inbox. Boom.

5. Instant gratification.

6. If you forgot something, you can GO RIGHT BACK, no sweat.

7. There are no bags to carry

8. But there is delivery right to your doorstep, with wrapping if you choose, and sometimes free delivery.

9. No lines, no crowds, no parking lot rage.

Ready to shop? So are we. Start here:

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Master Classes Brought to You by HelloFlo + VProud

Same price as a CoPay. More reliable than Dr. Google.

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Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday: Would you rather do your holiday shopping online vs. in-store?

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