The Secret To Raising A Grateful Child

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Most parents aim for teaching children to be thankful. But the question is how to go about teaching kids gratitude. The answer is this two step approach.

raising a grateful child

A Simple Two-Step Approach To Teaching Gratitude To Children

This time of year brings up so many thoughts for parents. Reflections on the year that has passed, what went well as a family, and looks forward to the upcoming year, what may be considered ... family goals. 

On VProud, Dr. Deborah Gilboa, known as Ask Doc G, started a heart warming video and conversation about teaching kids gratitude. This is a goal that we absolutely hold for our kids during the holiday season and all year long. 

We are drawn to this conversation and topic because we know that, as adults, a perspective of gratitude changes whole experiences and we love the concept of instilling this skill in our children at very young ages.

The other reason that we love Dr. Gilboa's video so much is that it features real children sharing their thoughts on teaching kids gratitude.

It turns out that the parenting skill of teaching children to be thankful comes down to a two-pronged approach.
  • First, there is the basics of practice or habit. Teaching kids to say thank you for what they are given, what they have, and how they are treated is something that can be started at the earliest of ages, then repeatedly reminded about over and over and over again. 
  • The second prong to teaching gratitude to children is to model living a grateful life ourselves. Saying out loud what we are thankful for, and acting like we are authentically grateful for our day-to-day lives, is a habit that is dually effective. It leads us to living a grateful life and it shows our children both how to do so and how important living in this way is to our family.
Take a look at Dr. Gilboa's video, This holiday season, teach your kids to be thankful, this is one of the best examples of "straight from the mouths of babes" that we have seen in a very long time, and join her other honest conversations on VProud, they are all every bit as wonderful and helpful as this one.

—The VProud Team

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