Meet the Team Monday: Bailie Saltzman

6:01 AM

bailie saltzman vproud

Bailie Saltzman is a conversation creator for VProud. She was born and raised in Connecticut but moved to Montclair NJ during high school. However, she is the person she is today because of six well-spent years in Colorado. 

Bailie currently resides in Montclair NJ and is a soon to be graduate of Montclair State University. She is a goal oriented, competitive, type “A” personality at its finest. She is always thinking, always stressing, and always worrying about the next steps in life - thankfully there’s yoga and fitness to keep her balanced! 

She lives for fitness, the mountains, and her long lasting friendships. She will probably never have a clean room. Some of her favorite things to talk about are poop, sex, addiction, mental health, how much she hates Donald Trump, helping, mindfulness, wine, and stand up comedy. 

She lives for deep conversations with complete strangers. She loves kind people and inappropriate jokes. She probably wont ever come up to you to tell you how cute your dog is but you might hear, “Aww your baby’s so cute. How old is she, 9 months?” due to the fact she is a self proclaimed nanny extraordinaire. 

Bailie is constantly striving to be the best possible version of herself. She prides herself on her long lasting friendships, can’t take a “normal” picture, and considers Amy Schumer to be her spirit animal. A friend once described Bailie as a sequoia seed: tiny now, but with time will grow to be something great. It was by far her favorite compliment. 

She loves the VProud community and is excited to see where life takes her!

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