Do You Have Your Special Brand of Anxiety?

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If you suffer from anxiety, you are not crazy and you are not alone. 

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General anxiety, social anxiety, sporadic fits of anxiety, random anxiety, family anxiety, sexual anxiety, subway induced anxiety, speaking anxiety… it all sucks but it is all a form of anxiety and it is all completely normal. Most people have their own brand of crazy, some just hide it better than others. There is an honest conversation happening on right now called, "You're Not Crazy: anxious moments" where real women are trying to destigmatize mental illness through comedy and conversation.

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The statistics support this. They prove that the people around you are probably also suffering from some type of mental health issue. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, about 1 in 5 adults in the US will experience mental health in a given year. 1 in 25 adults experiences mental health issues that interfere with their day to day life. And 18% of the adults in the United States deals with an anxiety disorder.

stats about mental health

That is a crazy high number considering how little attention mental health gets on a day to day basis. And how crazy is treated as crazy rather than a completely normal phenomenon. Crazy is not crazy and anxiety is not crazy. Instead, it is completely normal.  

Unfortunately, Americans just don’t like to admit it. Most adults don’t talk about their depression, anxiety, OCD, paranoia, mania, or stress. They don’t share with the world what type of crazy they are. And it sucks because it makes everyone feel alone which makes everyone feel worse.

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The forced silence and stigma on these mental health issues is detrimental to helping ourselves and others who are struggling. The best way to bring awareness to these common and treatable mental health illnesses is to talk about it, to share experiences, troubles, and worries with your community.

To stop feeling so crazy, those suffering from mental illness need to stop feeling alone. If you are feeling anxious, ask your family, your husband, and your friends about it. Talk to them about how you are feeling and what is going on. Tell them how they can help you. If you share your brand of crazy with them, they will probably share their own brand of crazy back with you. And everyone will feel the better for it.

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However, if your own brand of crazy if getting to be too much, research it on a reputable site, such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and make sure that you are reaching out for professional help.

And if that is too big of a step or you need to talk more anonymously about it first, join one of the many honest conversations happening now on that deal with all sorts of mental health issues.

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