Can We Honor the Women of Color Who Began Second Wave Feminism?

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Second wave feminism needs to be taught in our schools. 

second wave feminism

Do you have any idea who the main players of stars of second wave feminism were? Do you know who Claudette Colvin is? Did you know Rosa Parks fought mostly for the rights of black women in the south? Do you know who Ella Baker is? Or what she has done for women's rights? Can we honor these women? 

We had no idea what the answers were to most of these questions. We had no idea that Rosa Parks started protesting the systematic rape of black women eleven years before she ever sat in the front of the bus. Or that Ella Baker was a major person in using 'participatory democracy' for the civil rights movement. Thankfully, explains the significance of so many of these missed figures in this video

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Julia Pratt, VProud Creator, thinks, when asked about teaching second wave feminism-- "of course we should probably teach feminist history more thoughtfully and comprehensively in general. Students might get through with a few big names – Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, etc. – but so many others get left out from all eras. But it also matters how feminists talk about feminism among ourselves. When we think about our personal heroes we have to ask: who’s missing from that conversation? Now, the point isn’t to make anyone feel bad about her degree of feminist knowledge. We should all be learning as much as we can. But this means digging deeper, seeking out other perspectives, and reading widely. It means challenging the whitewashed Hollywood depictions of a movement as varied and complex as women themselves. It means an inclusive Women’s History Month and inclusive conversations the other eleven months of the year. Conversations that bring in race, sexuality, gender identity, disability, religion, class and that look frankly at the past and the future. Because, as the saying goes: if we don’t know where we’re coming from, how the hell do we know where we’re going?"

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