Hillary Clinton is the first female Presidential nominee! But will you vote for her?

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Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Nominee, winning fair and square. She is making Herstory and it is time to celebrate. 

Hillary makes history

Finally on June 7th, 2016, the Democratic party elected a female to be the presidential nominee. Finally. Ninety-six-years after women won the right to vote, we cast our ballets for a woman. In a world that women are not paid the same as men for the same work, we can cast our ballets for a woman. And where sexual assault is not treated with the levity and seriousness it demands, we can at least vote for a woman.

But instead of celebration, what is my Facebook news feed filled with? 

It is filled with accusations that Hillary rigged the election, Bernie Sanders did not get a real chance, Hillary Clinton does not deserve this nomination, and she will never win over the Bernie-Bros. 

A significant portion of Bernie Sander's reporters might not even vote for Clinton over Trump. Instead, they would rather not vote at all. And while political differences do split Clinton and Sanders, the persistent vilifying of Hillary Clinton is not a PR issue, not a policy issue, but rather a gender issue. 

Most of the news coverage, the blogs, and the arguments against Hillary stray from criticizing her policies into the land of pseudo-scandals. They comment on her marriage with Bill, her clothes on the trail, her hair... 

Hillary has won the election fair and square. And as a woman, I could not be more excited. 

And part of living in a democracy is accepting defeat and moving on. And Hillary has won. This is an amazing, historic moment that is being overshadowed by those who are calling he a liar and a cheat. I am supportive of all political discourse and discussion. But sore losers who and those who are threatened by a future America where a woman sits in the oval office, I have no sympathy for. 

So before you criticize Clinton, think for a second, is this reasonable? Or is this sexist? 

Hillary Clinton has proved herself confident, brave, and competent. I could not be more excited to vote for her. 

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Hillary Clinton announcing nomination
Hillary Clinton is the first female Presidential nominee! Are you going to vote for her? 
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