"Preventing dangerous people from getting guns is possible" - Amy Schumer

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Nearly a year before the "Pulse" nightclub shooting, two people were shot during a showing of "Trainwreck" in Lafayette, Louisiana and their names joined the list of victims of the nearly routine public shootings that happen in the United States. 

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After the "Trainwreck" shooting, it came to light that the perpetrator was involuntarily committed for mental health treatment in 2008. He still purchased a gun. Trends like these have spurred some lawmakers to introduce bills to create more stringent background checks but to no avail. Amy Schumer said it herself after the shooting, "preventing dangerous people from getting guns is possible" but we have to take action and do something. It is the duty of the lawmakers to make our society safe and currently, they are failing. 

VProud contributor, Bailee Saltzman, attended Sandy Hook Elementary, and this is what she has to say about gun laws and mental health:

"Any time I watch a video that talks about Sandy Hook I can’t help but feel an overwhelming emergence of many different emotions from anger, to extreme sadness, and all places in-between. I went to Sandy Hook elementary school, and it’s where I met some of my best friends to this day. Sandy Hook has been home and will continue to be a huge part of my life. I wasn’t directly affected, in that I didn’t know anyone personally who died, but it’s one of those towns where your interconnected in some sort of way. So whether you lost someone personally, or someone you know lost all of the children in their Sunday school class, or six people on the road you grew up on died, you experienced the effects of a mass shooting in some form or another and people will continue to look at you differently when you say “I’m from Newtown, Connecticut”. 

So, I think about Sandy Hook as a kid. I think about walking in the doors and I remember what the rooms and classrooms looked like—as if it were yesterday. Then I remember the aftermath of what happened on December 14, 2012, and still question how something like that could even happen, or more importantly, how does it continue to happen? In this specific case it took one mentally ill person to take the lives of 26 individuals and change a town forever. Sandy Hook wasn’t the first mass shooting, and sadly, since 2014 there’s been at least 95 more school shootings, as well as, several other mass shootings. 

When is it going to end, and how? At this point, and I know it sounds extreme, it’s not even safe to go to the damn movies. As Amy Schumer stated it’s very possible to prevent dangerous people from getting guns—so lets start doing it. I’m with Amy. Start regulating gun laws now, so we don’t need to experience any of this any more. It’s also great to see someone who’s, for the lack of better words, a public figure known for Comedy, standing up for something real. You can see from this video how much she cares and that she’s ready to make a change. We should all join in. Mental illness isn’t going anywhere, and the reality is it’s still very easy to obtain a gun."

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Amy Schumer takes on gun violence: Preventing dangerous people from getting guns is very possible

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