Have You Been Sexually Harassed at Work?

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From the VProud.tv series #YoureNotCrazy. Sexism in the workplace happens. You're not alone.

sexism at work

In the VProud.tv, #yournotcrazy series, comedian Leah Bonnema, comedian Chloe Hillard, co-host of guys we f*cked Krystyna Hutchinson, and comedian Esther Ku discuss how being a women in a male dominated workplace sucks. They have all experienced discrimination based on their gender in some form or another. And unfortunately, their experiences are common for most women in the United States, even Hillary Clinton has to deal with it.

sexual harassment

What is sexual harassment? 

First and foremost, sexual harassment is illegal. The American Association of University Women (AAUW) explains that sexual harassment in the workplace can range from being passed up for a promotion or assignment based on your submission to sexual harassment. 

Sexual harassment also includes any type of unwanted sexual advances, unwanted sexual language, and requests for sexual favors. These actions may cause the work environment to become hostile and interfere with the work environment. 

sexual harassment in the workplace

What should you do if you are think you are being sexually harassed? 

Sexual Harassment is illegal under title VII which protects against discrimination at work and you can not be retaliated against for reporting it. The first steps are to see if there are any clauses on sexual harassment in your employee handbook then to follow those steps. The human resources department should be notified. If that fails and you still feel as though your workplace is hostile, you can file a complaint with the EEOC which is the federal agency charged with enforcing anti-discrimination laws. 

pay gap for women

What about sexual discrimination that falls into a grey area? 

Most women are treated unequally in the workplace and it often starts in school. Boys are called on more in meetings and in the classroom. They are given more excuses, more apologies, more money, more opportunities, more raises, more time... and women are left making less money than their male counterparts. 

There is no good solution for this huge issue. There is plenty of advice out there to deal with it, from ignoring the stares and moving on with your career and life. Or to leave jobs that treat you unfairly because in the long run, it is their loss. You could also try and talk to them about it, explain to them what they are doing and why it is wrong. Another technique is to rise to the top and change the company culture from there. Or to raise boys that treat women equally rather than like secretaries from Mad Men. The fight to end discrimination in the workplace is not just for the few, doing any of these things is better than just taking it and being treated unfairly. You will be helping out the women who will come after you. 

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